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Future Core Transformation Of Insurance Claims

For insurance policyholders and beneficiaries, a claim is the moment of truth.

Convenience, transparency, clarity in documentation requirements, speed in decision-making, and settlement ratios all make a big difference to claimants’ experiences when submitting claims. As a result, insurance companies’ reputations can be questioned or tarnished.

An offering framework developed by Oaperg brings together the various components of claim transformation:

  • Persona-based journey mapping and user experience design for business process consulting.
  • Monitoring – Claim status tracking, reporting, and requirement fulfillment are all made possible through digital claims processing.
  • Modern platforms with API-based integration with digital channels for claim notification and payment, enrichment of claim data through third-party integration, automation of reservations, claim approval, and settlement through business rules all contribute to the transformation of the core process.
  • Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation tools can orchestrate and automate email triaging, document identification, and data extraction.
  • Claims-based conversational solutions with pre-built use cases.
  • Vision learning technologies are used to assess damage and conduct reassessments automatically.
  • The use of drones and IoT platforms to assess the damage and prevent losses is a growing trend.
  • The claims function’s business intelligence includes loss and expense ratio coverage, and operational claims count KPIs.

It’s time for your company’s claims process to be transformed by Oaperg’s deep domain knowledge and bleeding-edge technology with the following benefits below.

40% improvement in business process efficiencyInnovation using new technology from IoT, AI to real-time conversational solutionsBusiness future proofDrive digitization and automation of the claims process leading to improved process outcomes.
Easy handling scale on-demand resulting from unpredicted volumes26X increase in claims volumeEase to use User-centered InterfaceAligning IT to business via APIs, Microservices, Integration and Process Automation
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