Corporate Integrity

Integrity at Our Core

We dedicate ourselves to the highest standard

Our promise to our customers, employees, shareholders, and society is that we will always operate with integrity. This is the guiding principle behind all we do, including how we serve our customers and the work we undertake to help them grow their businesses. We feel that upholding the highest ethical standards is vital. All personnel adhere to Oaperg’s extensive, carefully enforced core values and Code of Ethics, as well as the policies set forth by our clients.

Key Principle

At Oaperg we do not cut corners, bend the rules or look for shortcuts. And we have a zero tolerance policy toward those who do.

In a highly competitive sector, everyone at Oaperg understands that our reputation, our people’s behavior, and the quality of our work all play a role in whether or not clients choose to work with us—and stay with us.

Whether our associates work in a development center, on-site with our customers, at our corporate office, or elsewhere, we all understand how critical it is to treat our clients’ systems, secret information, and sensitive intellectual property with the utmost care.


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