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This fast-track technology training program is a “train-to-hire” boot camp designed for grads and graduating college seniors with degrees who are seeking to advance their skills and prepare for a career in high-demand technology areas; including software development, data business analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT (Internet of Things). Oaperg is committed to investing in new talent pipelines and preparing people to make the most of the technology that can forge our shared future.

Available Courses

Software Engineeering


Cloud Engineeering

Microsoft Power Platforms

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Be a part of an active community

Be a part of the Oaperg Learning community. Our online learning platform allows easy access to materials and education regardless of your geographical location.

Work on real projects

Work on projects during your training that allows you to develop and apply your technical skills.


Become a certified technical expert after programme completion.

Career opportunities

Get opportunities to develop your skills, apply your skills, and start your career.

Join an exciting online training program that will accelerate your career in the technology industry at no cost to you.