Jobs at Oaperg

Hello, let’s get started by getting to know Oaperg. In two nations, we are the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital. We are honored to collaborate with businesses and sectors all across the world.

We are Africa’s number one in cloud, digital security, and high-performance computing, not to mention AI, IoT, big data & analytics, edge computing, and sustainability, and we’re hard at work transforming and digitally advancing businesses. We take pride in supporting and maintaining fantastic technology such as the F-35 and PMS-274s, to mention a few, and we operate under the names Oaperg and Oaperg Technology.

Our main goal is to help businesses get ahead in the digital world. Our people’s skills and the services we offer contribute to the advancement of knowledge, education, and research in a multicultural environment, paving the road for scientific and technical advancement. Throughout the world, the company provides a safe and secure information space for its customers, workers, and members of society at large to live, work, and develop sustainably

Open Positions at Oaperg