3 stages of digital transformation to master

Mastering all three stages of digital transformation is critical for success. If any of the stages break, it becomes harder for the enterprise to realize digital at scale.

Design digital

Use a “design thinking” approach when designing IT solutions. Design thinking centers around the user’s needs and the user’s experience, as opposed to considering only technology or processes. Break down IT solutions into small, integral services and design for continuous development and delivery.

Develop digital

Automate continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines, apply agile principles to achieve a DevOps operating model, and adopt a continuous development and delivery approach.

Deliver digital

Automate and log everything. The utopia of this stage is Zero Ops, where systems are self-healing and respond to events automatically — that is, with zero human touch. Continuous development flows directly into continuous deployment, which includes automated testing (including security). This reduces risk and speeds business outcomes.

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